About Us

At the Pankaj Group, the customer is the focus of all our businesses. We make a serious effort to understand the aspirations of our customers in order to meet all their expectations. We believe there is no greater joy than bringing pleasure and satisfaction to our customers.

The Pankaj Group combines a dual spirit of integrity and aesthetics to create futuristic landmarks. Clients are at the heart of all our efforts, so every project under the Pankaj brand is conceptualized taking into account the wishes of the buyer. This helps us create comfortable living spaces that exude a sense of pride among the residents.


Relax and reap the benefits of owning a property. We have transformed your dreams, sooner than you expected.


Immerse yourself in a life transformed by the comfort and convenience that are at the heart of modern standards.


Homes with maximum living space, superior performance, and top-quality construction.


Integrated with the safety & security of a gated community & an array of exclusive amenities.



Pankaj Borole
CEO Of Pankaj Builder & Developer
He is well educated second generation entrepreneur with good administrative and entrepreneurship skills.
He has done B.E Mechancial and MBA from England.
He has more than 15+ years of experience in real estate sector.


  • In 1988, Dr. Suresh Pandit Borole founded the firm Pankaj Builders and Developers, Chopra. And the expansion of Chopda city got a new direction. Plots N.A. through Pankaj Builders and Developers. To do. Not only provided plots at reasonable rates and through various schemes to fulfill the dream of the common man, but also built high-quality readymade houses.
  • There was a lot of apathy in plot investing at that time. He explained to the investors how to get the best returns and at the same time gave the best returns to many investors. As a result, the expansion of the Chopda Colony area today is a part of the development of Chopda City.
  • Dr. Suresh Borole, through Pankaj Builders and Developers, considered all the factors involved in the actual implementation of the planned plans. Facilities like drinking water, sewerage, roads, electricity were provided at the place of residence. Always take care not to interfere with any reservation on land.
  • Numerous clients connected through Pankaj Builders and Developers are perfectly satisfied today. Investors received higher returns than expected. Pankaj Builders and Developers are working with the breath of complete customer satisfaction. Pankaj Builders and Developers have been committed to the development of an all-encompassing city by collaborating with other real estate professionals.


our mission

To fulfil the dream of home of our customers at lower price.

our vision

To build 2000 homes up to 2030.

our Values

Honesty is the core value we hold that drives us to do the right thing. Trust and quality are our other core values, based on honesty, positive intentions, and proven results.
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